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The power of nature

We are a Chilean agricultural company, dedicated to the manufacture and commercialization of amino acids, organic matter and oil, for the nutrition and biostimulation of plants, reactivation of life in soils and crop protection. It is part of the holding company Fiordo Austral, the world’s leading producer of proteins and oils made from SALMON.

The differentiating characteristics of Salmon as raw material are unique. Its marine origin gives it one of the highest biological quality proteins, so through different industrial processes, it is possible to obtain valuable combinations of amino acids and peptides, a rich liquid organic matter and omega 3, 6 and 9 essential oils with remarkable results in the field.

Our Team

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Juan Pablo Vergara

Subgerente Venta Nacional


+569 6831 0700

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Lenin Guerrero

Zonal Técnico Comercial Norte


+51 938 513 659

Hernán Villalobos

Zonal Técnico Comercial Ica


Rolando Silva

Country Manager Perú Bolivia


+56 9 9442 7692

Emiliano Castilla

Asistente Técnico Comercial


+54 9 261 257 3809

Jorgue Schell

Country Manager Mercosur


+54 9 11 5160 9347