Natural oil for agricultural use

Bioil-S (Enhance)

It is a powerful liquid fertilizer and biostimulant, obtained from proteins of marine origin (salmon), enzymatically hydrolyzed under controlled conditions with high technology. This advanced process allows obtaining a stable product, rich in amino acids free of low molecular weight peptides, favoring the absorption via foliar and root, which allows plants to build their own proteins and tissues quickly, and with great energy savings, especially in environments with nutritional, thermal, water, light or saline stress.

Plants that have proteins and Omega fatty acids constantly during their cycle, not only improve their resistance and adaptation to all types of environments, but also increase the capacity of synthesis of natural growth hormones with the consequent increase in productive potential and quality of all their tissues (roots, leaves, stems, flowers and fruits).

As a result of its origin, Bioil-S (Enhance) also has an interesting content of micronutrients which contributes to a successful nutrition in all types of crops, vegetables and fruits.